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Design amazing experiences, in real-time with multi dimensional configuration and visualisation, all from a web browser or mobile app.

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We Are MojiMoji Designs

MojiMoji Designs is a software development company based in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, specialising in Product and System configuration & visualisation applications for sales, marketing and manufacotring environments.

The foundation of MojiMoji Designs is built on over 25 years experience in software development, with roots in the video game industry and now firmly established in the multi platform SaaS space, find out more about our capabilty.

Our Clients

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We work with clients worldwide from a range of industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Video Games and Retail

Our Expertise

How We Can Help Your Business

Our design and development ethos is simple, our applications are exclusively engineered to suit your needs. No automated setup, no faceless ambiguity, simply bring your vision, we will build it and integrate into your workflow.